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It’s a very expensive endeavour to bring a medical device to market. Clinical trials typically cost between $20 million and $100 million. We are just a small company with a big idea. You can help us make this happen. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign today!

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Revolution MD is a Med-Tech company focused on an IOT connected delivery system to safely dispense opioids.

Our Mission Is in Inventing Leading-Edge Healthcare Technology 

Leading the promising edge of medical technology, RevMD is pioneering new drug delivery methods, and pairing them with cutting-edge research in advanced AI, machine learning and medical-based analytics.  

Our Research Areas

Opioid Delivery

We're researching novel delivery methods for opioids which reduce addiction, overdose, and have fewer side-effects.

Medical Analytics

We're creating enterprise-scale analytic warehouses to analyze integrated medical data in a holistic way to improve outcomes.


We're integrating our systems with pharmaceutical delivery with enterprise-scale supply chain optimization. 

Urgent Care

We're re-inventing opioid delivery in urgent care settings with research into predicting opioid sensitivity using genomics.

A Simple, Unified Approach to Opioid and Pharmaceutical Delivery

Our research shows that we can develop an opioid delivery system that is as effective as intravenous while being more comfortable and with fewer side-effects than oral medication. It’s also safer than pills, and we believe it can reduce overdoses and addiction. 

We need your help! Visit our crowdfunding campaign page today!

If you have known anyone who has suffered due to opioid abuse, I’m sure you understand how important our work is. You can help others by contributing to our crowdfunding page and supporting our research!

Visit Our Crowdfunding Page

Meet Our Invention Team

We’ve assembled a special team to re-invent healthcare, and we’re doing it with leaders from the world of big business and enterprise technology. 

Josh Kimmel

Founder of BREATHE e-cigarette vaporizer Corporation (OTCQB BVAP,) and former CEO & President of 4M leading the commercialization of plasma oxidation for the production of carbon fiber at scale.

Ken Greenwood

20 years SAP enterprise-scale implementations, ABAP, OO, SQL, XML, HTML et al, application performance, security, BI/BW big data, analytics and startup experience.

Jurgen Vollrath

Former CIPO at SAP directly reporting to Hasso Plattner; co-founder of Corinthian Ophthalmic having developed and brought a vaporizer to market.

Meet Our Operations Team

It takes a special team to re-invent healthcare, and we’re doing it together. With leaders of all kinds from the big business world, and from the enterprise technology universe, we have your medical future this on lock. 

Garo Artinian

Former CEO & Chairman of Draka Holding NV, a publicly listed company with revenue in excess of 3 billion Euro.


Igor Gonda

Former CEO of Aradigm Corporation. Lead strategic business alliances with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Research and development of products for major pharmaceutical markets such as diabetes and pain management. 

Don Treacy

PH.D. Analytical Chemistry & CEO of the Magothy Group, inventor holding two patents: a pulsed dose drug delivery system and an antiviral agent.

Susan Clausen

 Clinical trials, clinical development, regulatory submissions, risk management, biotechnology, project management.

Richard Dapaah

Richard Dapaah

Venture Adviser with MBX Capital, a venture capital firm that funds high impact healthcare and life sciences strategy. Prior to MBX Capital, Richard was part of the founding team at Shire Capital Management, a global multi-strategy investment firm.

Mike Agentis

Business strategy, contract and project management, operation management, cost controls.

Meet Our Advisory Board

It takes a special team to re-invent healthcare, and we’re doing it together. With leaders of all kinds from the big business world, and from the enterprise technology universe, we have your medical future this on lock. 

Paresh Chari

Former Dura-Line Chairman of the Board & CEO, Advisory board for Wavin (Netherlands) and Netafim (Israel). Currently advisor to Onward Capital.

Bill Williams

Johnson & Johnson Centennial Chair and Professor Division Head, Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Editor in Chief, AAPS PharmSciTech FAAPS

Bill Pittman

Bill Pittman

Former President and COO of DeRoyal Industries. DeRoyal is a global manufacturer of over 3000 medical devices has over 3,000,000 ft under roof in 6 U.S. states and 7 countries. Annual revenue is approaching $1B.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission

Re-inventing pharmaceutical delivery systems, for you.

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Please visit our crowdfunding campaign and support our research!

With our device, we are trying to improve opioid administration and make it safer for everyone. But we can’t do it without your help!

Visit Our Crowdfunding Page